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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

You asked and I will try to explain what I think ages us over 40. To qualify me on the topic I am a handful of days away from turning 46. So I'm smack bang in the middle of my 40s with six years of relevant experience and closer to the finish line than the start if you like...


If you google it (I did because I wanted to give you the best information not just my waffly opinion) then there are lots of very useful and helpful tips such as: stop wearing white; stop wearing black; stop wearing denim; stop wearing super loud colours; stop wearing short skirts; wear leg enhancing high heels daily (big belly laugh) ... hang on, hang on, STOP!!!

WTF? If we are not allowed to wear black, white, denim, colour? What can we wear? Birthday suits? Mine is pink, isn't that a colour? I'm not supposed to wear colour! Now I'm confused!!!


Use the arrow to go right...

Yes, they are all over 40, some 50, 60 and so on... yes, there are a few actresses, yes, there may be tweakments, personal trainers, chefs, stylists and big self care budgets. Let us put aside all that negative stuff you are thinking right now and appreciate the commonality, they all look AGELESS, but how?

Tilda Swinton rocks an edgy tux and cropped hair like no one else. Michelle Obama wears block colour so well and just glows and Helen Mirren is my actual woman crush.

Jennifer Anniston in particular knows her style and has done for years. If you scroll through 30 years of pictures of Jen in the public eye you see really similar outfits throughout. No mad fashion faux pas, no mad trends, she is classic, simple, elegant, makes timeless clothing choices which dare I say it makes her look AGELESS.


I think the secret to dressing over 40 is to make classic timeless choices (and also to wear what ever the fuck you like but we are going to get to that bit). Classic shapes of blazers, jeans, coats etc don't date and therefor mean the wearer doesn't really have a time stamp. If you look more closely at Jen or any of the ladies above you are looking at quite timeless outfits. Nothing too on trend, stand out pieces yes, but not fashion fads. Look for items that aren't so on trend they will date quickly or date you in a few years when you re-wear it. Get rid of items in your wardrobe that were so of the time they are "out now".


Chanel jackets and pussy bow blouses are really classic so I should wear those right? Yes and no. Know how to wear them. Styles of clothes that are clung to an era like the 60s could age you, unless you wear them with edge. Wear your Chanel esq jacket with jeans and wear your pussy-bow undone, like a long skinny scarf - try to wear them in a way that wasn't expected.


Wear things that you love and wear them with confidence, there is a reason that Jen, Cate, Helen, Michelle, Kerry, Melissa all look stunning they EXCUDE CONFIDENCE in their style. You can only have that confidence if you are wearing those things that make you feel amazing now. Your clothes should fit and flatter your shape, not hide it or drown it. Look for the best fabrics you can afford, they last longer and sit better against the skin, you will look more pulled together and they skim over lumps and bumps better. If your wardrobe makes you feel meh, sort through it. Find the one stand out item you love and feel amazing in, let that set the bar for everything else. It it doesn't make you feel as good as that item move it on.


Your style is yours. Not mine. Not your mums, your friends, your sisters or your work colleagues. Wear what you want and wear if with confidence, in other words wear what ever the FUCK you like, if you want to wear a mini wear it, do not second guess yourself because of your age! I hate when I get messages from girls saying "I would love to wear XYZ but I am over 40!" Get that right out your head now, if you want to wear it age should not stop you.

Ignore all those nonsense rules about what women over 40 should avoid. There is a great quote by Mary Porta's (another ageless woman) about 'brining your whole self to work' and I recite this to many of my clients. What she was trying to say was be yourself, you don't have to dress to conform, act to conform - when you have the confidence of being yourself in any given situation from work to home, you are ageless.


There is a reason we love Iris Apfel, she's not afraid to take risks. Yes avoid trends, those aren't risks those are conformity. Don't be afraid to mix it up a bit, if you want to wear the pink boots wear them, know your style but don't be afraid to edge it forward if you see something that genuinely makes you excited.

Green Clutch £59.99


I really wanted to leave this here as a reminder, you are still hot as FUCK, ok?

That is all, as ever, let me know what you think of the blog especially with this one I would love love love to know!? And naturally if you need my help, get in touch.

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2 commenti

Love this, I am 43 and love clothes I have never been into high end fashion or crazy out there styles, I have always aimed to be classy but not boring. Probably got it wrong a lot and have a tendency to try and hide my body.

Mi piace

An excellent read, thank you. It's great to have reaffirming messages. And I loved the outfit ideas you have chosen, beautiful.

Mi piace
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