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Why is this such a minefield? You have a spring wedding invitation, but oh what to wear? Are you allowed to wear black? Can you wear white? Is there a dress code? Who will be there? Aunty Hilda saw me in that dress at the last wedding, I can't wear that! What will the weather be like? I remember going to a spring wedding once, it snowed. Full on snow storm. Yes it is Scotland, but we weren't planning on that...

Spring events can be such fun, I favour the approach of buying separates and versatile pieces that can be worn in many different ways after the event. So whether its your daughters graduation, a friends "you have to wear black & white wedding" or you have a day at the races booked I have you covered. Please read on...


This is a fascinator free zone, if you want one of those you are without a doubt in the wrong place. Full stop. Just stop. No fascinators. Red card.


I love love the idea of the contrasting spots together here, add some simple accessories in pretty much any colour or metallic and you already have and you are off! But both would be equally as nice worn separately. The top with jeans, trousers or a skirt. The skirt with trainers, in the summer, boots in the winter! Done, hard working separates and an eye catching event look! Throw the blazer over your shoulders incase its cool, but you hopefully won't need it!


You are hitting a 'trend' zone here, sequins are in for summer apparently. I think they are always pretty handy to be fair but I love love love this laid back dress. I think with a blazer thrown over it would make a beautiful day event dress and you are off. Plus again, all separates totally versatile for re-wearing. Especially the dress, a piece you would have for every winter to come, a black blazer or knit over the top and chunky boots for winter and your are off! An outfit like this, you don't need a lot of accessories. Keep it minimal. I was going for a silver sandal but I found these and really like the blue with it. Mix it up a little :-)

I featured this dress on a little edit of spring event dresses I posted on LTKit last week, this can be found here for more inspo.


I love a suit for wedding or event. Its just so easy to get use from the separate pieces and together it all looks so chic. There are lots of lovely white Tuxes in the shops at the moment, but I thought the pinstripe added a bit of gangster quality that none of the others had, so peaky blinders.


I couldn't resist including this dress, very All Saints but without the budget. I mean I need it in my life! And with a leather blazer a cool contrast, a simple black blazer would work too. This dress would look great with a black knit and chunky boots too! Awesome!


That's all for this week ladies, currently in London trying to entertain my children, who no longer want my company or indeed to be entertained by anything other than a nintendo switch. Goodtimes! Let me know what you think of the blog, or if you have any ideas for future content. Also check out the edit of other event dresses on LTKit linked above. Maybe next week I will an all denim post. Love a bit of denim...

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