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Thank you so much for spending the day with me and helping me fix my wardrobe and pointing out my fairly oversized choices! It was so wonderful and enlightening. I’ll be shopping better from this day forward! You are a godsend!



Wardrobe Edit

It was amazing. We did a pre session questionnaire to gauge what my style is. She took out ALL MY CLOTHES!! Totally Marie Kondo. Everything. At points in my bra and pants trying stuff on while she would advise how to style it to suit me best. It was so cleansing. Gently brutal and just what you need in your life. Also she has amaze skin!



Wardrobe Edit

What a mess I was in! Totally overwhelmed by the sheer amount in my wardrobes. Talk about not being able to see the wood for the trees! I can honestly say a day spent with you Elena has completely changed my attitude with regard to quality over quantity.  The number of lightbulb moments during the day was endless! This experience has truly changed my outlook regarding sales shopping and styling myself with the gems I already have I couldn't see! I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much you have made my year!


Client London,

Wardrobe Edit

I just wanted to let you know in the week since you’ve been to me it's been SO MUCH EASIER to get dressed and I’ve been wearing things that make me comfortable and happy. Even had the guts to take some photos of them in my house without feeling like a knob. Honestly the best money I have ever spent getting you down here! I'm mega excited for a shopping trip! 



Wardrobe Edit

What an amazing experience and one I totally needed. Not being a shopper of knowing what to wear with what my wardrobe has always been a bit of a mishmash. I now have great advice specifically for my shape and style. I would highly recommend Eena for a wardrobe edit and as a personal stylist. Fantastic!



Wardrobe Edit

Elena is a wonderful stylist who works with your existing wardrobe, personal style and budget to create magic. Love Elena mucho!



Personal Styling

I had a really important event coming up and Elena managed to find me the outfits I needed for the whole weekend, I felt much more confident knowing that I had my outfits planned and organised. I managed to actually relax and have fun for once!



Wardrobe Edit

Elena came and completely reorganised and edited my wardrobe, she made suggestions I wouldn't otherwise have considered and overall it was really worth getting her in to sort me out! Oh my gosh the stuff I sent to charity! It felt great!


Client Glasgow,

Wardrobe Edit

I loved the service and have only bought mindfully since, Thank you Elena!

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