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Working with clients this week I have been starting to pull neutral and light spring jackets out of storage and pack away heavy winter coats. I know many of you might have invested in a nude, beige or neutral blazer of some sort but how to style it? I have pulled together some ideas and look out as this is likely how I will be styling mine over the coming few weeks (not that I am using another blog to plan my outfits, but I am). I feel the ideas would work with any colour of neutral blazer, even white and ivory. So if you have anything in this family, give some of these looks a try. Or if its a gap in your wardrobe - and you wear and like blazers - then this might well be a good gap to fill. I have found a handful of blazers to suit different budgets.


Super simple, super neutral the Canadian tuxedo, one of my favourite looks for all year round. And it has the advantage of looking like a jumpsuit while actually not dragging on toilet floors - you know what I mean. This first blazer up is one I have and truly love, just oversized enough to be oversized without being comedy "wearing my dad's jacket" oversized. When styling shirt on blazer, I like to have the shirt buttoned ALL THE WAY. I hate a collar clash calamity, ask my husband.

Light Wash Jeans - My clients favourite high street jean at the moment.


Love an all black look with a contrasting blazer topper - this would totally work with any colour of blazer from white to beige and any other colour you might have. The trick is to balance the look and match the bag to the base colour. You could change everything that is black here for white/ nude/grey.... easy! These linen trousers are amazing for summer. I have them and they are my favourite but I binned the naff belt and use my own.


This would work whether its a floral dress or a single colour knit. If it is a pattern make sure it tones with the blazer. I have a leopard print dress (or a few) I might try with my blazer. Loving the weather has turned and I can start to get my ankles out again!


It's a neutral blazer, so easy to mix in a pop of colour. I think the trick with mixing and matching colours is to keep it simple, you could introduce a graphic tee and pull a colour out of the tee to accessorise or just keep it totally simple with a a white tee or body suit.

Simple White Tee - This is the best quality tee, my top recommendation.

Top Handle Bag - how cute is this bag? I have to remember I don't need it...


I love a blazer chucked over sweats, that hi lo look. Really if your in a rush, in your sweats but you have to leave the house soon, chucking a blazer or trench over the lounge set is a bonafide outfit. Trust me! Obviously silver/gold metallics are a trend this year and while I am not into trends I do a metallic bag or shoes of some sort is something that will work in a wardrobe forever. So a good 'cheap' way to tap into a trend without going for a £200 pair of silver trousers you will buy, wear once and regret forever.

Grey Hoody - This brand do the best quality basics.


That is it for this week, a little late to post on a Sunday but I just couldn't get it finished before now with all the driving and appointments this week. What would you like to see next time? I was thinking spring wedding guests maybe? Comment below!

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1 Comment

Vicky Etheridge
Vicky Etheridge
Apr 02, 2023

Hi Elena,

love this blog, will keep coming back to it to put some outfits together - thanks!

a blog on spring wedding outfits would be great, I’ve one to go to in early May! Thanks in advance xx

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