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Have you ever said or felt that you have a ton of clothes but nothing to wear?  Do you constantly find yourself shopping but never happy with what you have?

Do you struggle to pull an outfit together from your wardrobe? Do you hang on to old clothes that don’t work because you feel guilty or sentimental? Do you feel pressured to buy things based on latest trends or influencers?

Does the idea of shopping leave you stressed and depressed? Or are you returning to work, facing a major lifestyle change, becoming a mum, losing weight - all of these are incredible stresses on how we perceive our bodies, ourselves and can impact our daily mood. 


Think of your wardrobe as a long term investment not a quick fix.   Your capsule wardrobe will come together over time as your confidence in your own style grows and with my help you will make more informed decisions.

Chances are within your wardrobe you already have the basis of a great capsule, but you just need my help to find it. Working with a personal stylist to assess what you have and what you need WILL save you money over time.   


I will show you how to confidently wear and create outfits from the clothes you already have and give you a plan on what you need to add to your wardrobe as time goes on to build a wardrobe full of things you love.  

Over time you will buy less but wear more.



I talk about investing in clothes all the time and to clarify - its not about buying expensive items, what I mean is the value of cost per wear.  But what is that?


Simply put cost per wear is the cost of the item spread over the number of times you wear it.  If you spend £50 on a dress for an occasion and wear it once the cost per wear is £50. If you spend £50 on a different dress but wear it 10 times, the cost per wear is £5 - of the two dresses the second has been the better investment. 


Do you consider cost per wear when you shop? Remember the RULE OF 10, will I wear it more than 10 times, will I wear it more than 10 different ways, will it last more than 10 washes?


Having a separate work and weekend wardrobe is restrictive and stifling. It also creates this mindset of "it will do for work"?  Unless you have a specific uniform or dress code at work you really can make items work for both work or play.  


If you have one black blazer you LOVE and would happily wear 10 different ways both to work for a meeting, or over a tee and jeans at the weekend - its better to have that one blazer rather than 4 or 5 different blazers that DO FOR WORK but you don't really like or ever feel happy wearing.


Keeping up with the latest fashions, trends and fads can be a roller coaster that many women, find depressing, stressful and  the pressure to conform can leave many up to their eyes in debt. Fashion can be a rollercoaster many can't get off.

The word FASHION means to build something over time. Like a capsule wardrobe for instance.  


Next time you hear the expression is that IN FASHION or its the LATEST FASHION remember, it's not a race, you don't need to jump to the marketing hype, slow down… we fashion over time, not in a day.

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