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Not at all writing this so I can plan what I am packing for coming trip to London to see clients this week. What started as a "7 outfits for your week" ahead became my typical work week capsule, so I thought I would just share it anyway. I know so many of you have packing anxiety especially for work trips.

I am just excited, get my tunes on in the car (well true crime) and a week of meeting lovely new clients, total bliss!

As I am sure you know, I spend much of my time in other ladies wardrobes and the number 1 & 2 items that are typically missing or in need of an update are JEANS & BLAZERS, so when travelling I tend to stick to this basic uniform. It makes it way easier to talk about which styles of both are more current and flattering if you are wearing them.

I have changed up the bags for interest. Obviously I don't travel with a different bag each day. I like to keep it minimal! 14 pieces including a bag and two pieces of footwear - do I throw other things in? PJS and gym kit and pants, always pants! Your work week might be more formal, you can change the jeans out for trousers, the trainers for loafers. But the ideas remain the same. Read on my friends and comment below.


I typically drive for my trips, it makes it easier to see different clients in different cities and of course I can listen to as much true crime as I want with absolutely no interruption to make Nutella bagels. I like to travel with as little as possible and I don't tend to pack my blazers unless I absolutely have too, so I like to wear them for a casual but cool travel look. And leggings, leggings are a must for travel - YES!


I like to travel with one pair of heels and one pair of trainers. Heels can elevate even the simplest look packing trainers and heels that work with the same look give you the option to have two look one a little more elevated, one a little more comfy. I like to tuck my jeans into the boots, still such a cool look as far as I am concerned.


Yes I do take other options, I don't just wear the same thing all week - well I might if I can get away with it! I love love love black tees and sweaters with this colour of denim, I know that many of you worry they don't work but the contrast is so cool.

  1. Black Blazer

  2. Black Graphic Tee - I officially have a million t-shirts, but I can make space for this one...

  3. Light Denim Mom Jeans

  4. Trainers


I travel alone and am totally happy to go for dinner out on my own. What pains me about eating on your own is not being able to order a ton of 'sharing' dishes to try as it does seem a bit extravagant when its just you ordering 26 tapas plates....

Leather leggings with knee high boots in my opinion works, it kind of looks like the leggings have feet, but you have to wear something understated on top, like a white shirt or maybe a denim shirt.


One of my work days might involve a day personal shopping with a client. I like to be comfy as well as practical, so dressing in layers for in and out of shops as well as weather proofing yourself with a mac is essential. I love having my shirt in a half tuck so that it looks quite puffy and oversized and wearing this with a heel. It makes a relatively simple look more interesting.

  1. Trench

  2. White Shirt

  3. Light Denim Mom Jeans

  4. Shell Cross Body Bag - how pretty is this, its so unique it would never date.


You will notice I like to keep the packing light and colour coordinated. I typically wear the same necklaces each day, but I might bring a chunkier one or bigger earrings. I might add red lipstick to change up the look. Recently, I have favoured a dark eye for day time, these eye shadow pencils are AMAZING for travelling, I like to use as much creme products as I can when I travel I've broken too many favourite powder bronzers dropping them on hotel floors.

Don't underestimate the power of good makeup to really edge up the outfit. If you don't ever wear make up then wonder why you never really feel 'pulled together' consider adding a bit of slap. If you are unsure of where to start go to a good quality makeup counter or a makeup professional and ask for a make up lesson. There are also a ton of great instagram accounts doing makeup tutorials. I might do a mini makeup blog at some point if enough of you ask about this. It is the difference to feeling finished or polished in my opinion.

  1. Black Jeans

  2. Black Blazer

  3. White Graphic Tee - I don't own this one either but I LOVE IT!

  4. Eye Shadow Pencil

  5. Trainers


True crime on, sunglasses on, extra large coffee and car snacks at the ready and looking forward to seeing my babies. But keeping it comfy always. Back out with the leggings...


That is it, the work week done. The drive home done. And complete result, I know what I am packing next week so no need to worry too much about it!

If you have any requests for blogs or posts, any ideas? Ask away, always happy to take your ideas on! While doing this I thought an investment bag blog or edit might be helpful? This is a question I get asked quite often? But what should I do for next Sunday?

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Loving your choice of t shirts 💕

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