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Ok, so I appreciate some of you are heading off to sunny climes and facing the risk of last minute red zone relegation and wrestling face-masks onto children on 4 hour flights. I can barely keep a dinosaur face-mask on one 9 year old for 10 minutes in Lidl let alone a sweaty aircraft so I am not in the 'chancing it' mood.

But if you are leaving the UK, Bonne Vacance and this blog isn't for you! Its for we rufty tufty stay-at-home-camping-UK kind of heros!

We are just back from Skye in our tatty old campervan, its old and tatty but its ours. It used to take us too off the beaten track beaches around Europe now it's the UK battle bus. Keeping us dry and protected from the weather and Scottish Midges. I am an old pro at camping rough wardrobes - if you are campervaning, glamping or camping for the first time this year, like many or generally hanging about with messy dirty children like mine rather than doing an elegant city break read on....

Here is my simple formula for packing for a British staycation and some tips on packing in general.


Seems really obvious to some but its a bit of a gut wrench to others. If you are the girl with 14 pairs of shoes to go with 14 dresses for a beach holiday then this probably applies to you. Rationalise that choice by starting with a strict colour palette.

This is music to my ears really as it is how I moved to rationalise my wardrobe over the years, I travelled quite a bit for work (used too) and was used to packing super light for weeks on end. I could literally live for weeks out of a small suitcase so it made the stuff I never wanted to take superfluous and gradually it all went on ebay.

When building your colour palette start with your neutral base - black or navy /white /denim & beige then add a pop of colour if you need. I tend to go for black / white / camel tones in general adding animal prints as a neutral and denim obviously. However whatever your choices make sure it all tones when you look at it together and the pieces mix and match. Chose what you think you need to take and spread it all out on your bed. All the colours should tone... if there is one item that jars with everything else you are taking be ruthless, don't take it! You wont wear it!


Typically if you are camping / glamping you need to be ready for anything the day throws at you, a tank top, a pair of denim shorts and a pair of trusty old Teva are your wardrobe superstars here. Fancy an ice cream - this has you covered; someone suggests jumping on a mountain bike - you are good to go; try this paddle board - I'm ready!!!

I used to scoff at Teva then realised they were not only cool but functional, I favour them over flip flops as I once broke my hand in two places and skint my bum in a pair of Havainas sliding down a craggy beach face. True.

I still love a good flip flop we call them safety shoes in my house, but I take the Teva and wear them where I might have to 'do stuff'. The now come in a mind boggling array of colours. There are even sequin ones! I favour them over the Arizona Love, I had a pair which fell apart. Throw a linen shirt over this lot and your sun safe whether you had time to do your OWN sun cream or not! I love a linen shirt for holidays, yes they wrinkle but that's kind of the point, linen is supposed to crease, it looks great over a bikini as is, or on its own with jeans.

TEVA Rainbow- £45.00


Right you guessed it, you haven't had a shower for a few days wild camping but you need to go to a place they serve real food, like a pub, and you would like to look like your not living in a sweaty tent. A liberal coating of Impulse Malibu Breeze and I am ready for anything! Jeans again the versatile wardrobe hero, your linen shirt and sandals and you are ready to go! I have been looking for a nice gladiator for ages and just happened upon these beauties from Free People. Didn't buy them honest... ehmmm


Only you're not as you thought this might happen. You have prepared for this eventuality. A light weight waterproof is a must for any staycation. Hopefully it wont see the light of day but you never know... and it's a handy thing to have anyway. I favour the light weight (you can layer it up) and properly waterproof. Nothing like getting wet through a pretend waterproof to make you wish you had got a better one. Add your jeans, some dark trainers (muddy campsite white trainers will not cut it here) and a sweatshirt and your comfortable yet practical and stylish.

I've had this one about two years and can highly recommend. It is very oversized!

Joules Waterproof Parka - £79.99 (on sale)

Uniqlo Ultralight Parka - £39.90 (on sale)

These are great, my husband has a few, I just wear his!

I have included these as quite frankly I wear my sons all the time, don't tell him!


I get asked so often for my throw on wear anywhere dress recommendations so here they are. The type of dresses that can be rolled up in a bag and still look awesome on. I have a few of them and I have included a few others for good measure. For packing light you want a dress that can be dressed up or down. These will fit in your easy camervan capsule, you can throw them on with the trainers / teva or nice sandals for different looks and it can take you from beach day to fire pit night on the campsite! I have shown the 'dressed up' version of this dress, but it would as good with trainers or Teva.

That's all really, I think the main point being all these items mix n match. Jeans / sweatshirts / tanks / dresses a light waterproof. Don't overthink it. Live in the moment and enjoy! And let me know what you think! :-)

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As you know, I'm not a happy camper but some excellent advice in here for when I become that person...

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