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If you are anything like me then a day date drinking with buddies is much more likely than a night out "up in da club"? I do still like a bit of both to be honest but the opportunity for the later comes once every ten years now and the former, well I like to get that in as much as humanly possible.

Nothing beats a little ladies lunch on a Saturday afternoon with good friends, good wine, good food and EXCELLENT CHAT! It soothes the soul. This weekend some of you might be hoping out for a Mothers Day Lunch? But what do you wear for a little lunch out?

When I am working with clients, pulling outfits together from their existing wardrobes and identifying wardrobe gaps this is an outfit combination we always make sure we build. What would you wear today if you had the opportunity for a nice lunch out with girlfriends or family? It's good to be prepared!

So if you are going out and have plans today, here are some ideas you might be able to pull together from what you already have. I sadly have had to cancel my lunch out yesterday with my oldest friends and plans today as we all had Noro virus this week, good times...


I am obsessed with this at the moment, I have the most lovely black knitted dress I got on sale two years ago and I just love it with big boots or a blazer/leather jacket. You can't go wrong with an effortless chuck on knitted dress and chunky boots. For day dressing wearing boots or even trainers with your boots dresses it down and makes it look that bit edgier, and of course more practical for the pub crawl. :-)


Chanel Style or Boucle cardigans are everywhere at the moment. They are a constant trend so while I don't favour jumping on ' trends' if it's something you don't have already they are a great wardrobe addition. I prefer to wear mine with blue denim or trousers and trainers. Again dressing it down. You have to keep it edgy rather than make it look like you have designs on the 1960s White House, your not Jackie O my friend. I will do an edit of alternative pumps soon as I am also obsessed with those at the moment. I linked my favourite lipstick below, whenever I wear it I get asked about it. Don't underestimate the power of make-up on a daily basis to lift even the simplest look, and red lipstick is the powerhouse move.


I know many of you have long boots languishing in their wardrobes and aren't quite sure how to wear them or if you still should? I love a good long boot look. I have been wearing mine tons with jeans or pleather leggings and sweatshirts/denim shirts. Yes mixing leather leggings and boots. Long boots also look so classy under a slip dress or skirt. Throw on a chunky knit or blazer and you are off. With the boots I like a shorter jacket, long boots, long coats gives me stripper-gram vibes.


Whenever I hear jumpsuit I think of Trolls, just me? I love love love a denim boiler suit and am willing to struggle it down in the loo to enjoy the look. Always make sure the loo is bolted, I didn't once never a good look. I have this free people one on my wish list for spring, I already have the white but I think I would wear the denim to death for years to come. How cool are these shoes, if I didn't already have a gold pair I love... dangerous!

  1. Jumpsuit

  2. Sandals

  3. Hoops

  4. Bag

  5. Blusher - the best Nars Orgasm, slap it on ladies!

That is it for this week, let me know what you think? Do you read blogs? Is there any point in doing more? Do you enjoy them? I like writing them but OMG I take ages sometimes. I need to be better organised next week!

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see in the future!

Elena x

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1 Comment

thanks Elena I’m loving that green dress and the jacket from mango. I’d say keep writing the blog. I’ll be here reading it. Sx

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