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Updated: Jan 17, 2022


Hang on hang on, it's not Christmas Yet? Is it? What day is it? The January Sales have started already and I know its not January because it's December, I'm sure it's December? Is it?

December for many passes by in a puff of errands, gifting, mulled wine and stolen selection boxes (only to have to replace them all again tomorrow). So when the January sales start in mid December we can all be excused for being a little confused. To help you with a little clarity I have provided a guide to what to look out for in the sales.


Use the list of wardrobe staples below as your starting point and before you do anything CHECK YOUR WARDROBE! What do you have already, what gaps have you, what has seen better days and needs upgrading? This is the starting point of your list (which of course I can help you prep if you really really need)!!!


Some rules to remember when sale shopping from your auld maw:

1) WOULD YOU BUY IT FULL PRICE? If the answer is no then do you really need it or want it? I think a sale sticker can entice us to something we otherwise wouldn't buy, if you didn't even consider it full price chances are you are being seduced by the sale sticker, walk away!

2) DON'T 'SCROLL TO BUY' - Even if it's your favourite brand. Have you ever scrolled the entire sale section of your favourite brand looking for a bargain? You are looking to buy, rather than looking for what you need. Shop to your list and you won't be disappointed!

3) USE GOOGLE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE - If you know specifically what you want, google it!! Type in the phrase you want and see what pop's up. Look at the 'shopping' page and scroll. You might even find it on Amazon. I purchased my Commando Joggers from Amazon, from a small boutique in Bristol who stocked the brand, they were 40% off while still full price everywhere else! Please make sure you check out the vendor to verify their credentials.

4) LOOK FOR QUALITY NOT QUANTITY - Try to invest as much as you can in the best quality piece you can afford which you genuinely covet and you will be delighted. Buy things you are unsure about and your just padding your wardrobe!

5) AVOID TRENDS - If it's on sale the trend is already over and these are items you will tire of quickly as the trend fades.


These are wardrobe staples which will work in largely any wardrobe. I have linked a few items that are on sale already, so sizes might not be complete and they might even sell out. But use this as a guide, and feel free to contact me with any questions!


Whether Camel, Black or Navy coats are great investment pieces and wonderful if you grab a sale bargain. Go for classic cuts and shapes and read last weeks Winter Warmers blog if you want to

know more about shapes to suit you. Make sure you try it with layers underneath so you know you can wear it all year round.

H&M Wool Blend Coat - £80 to £60 (Great length for petite ladies)

H&M Dark Beige Coat - £60 to £35

COS Houndstooth Coat - £180 to £126

Arket Wool Blend Coat - £250 to £125

Philosophy Coat - £650 to £325

Mango Overzised Wool Coat - £149.99 to £119.99

Whistles Cocoon Coat - £249 to £175 (not pictured)


Whether you prefer Cashmere or Merino Wool this is a great sale bargain to bag. I tend to go with self coloured pieces as they are more versatile, if you like a jaunty fair isle go for it I tend to think patterned knits date and age quicker and clients go off them. Check also the MENS departments especially in H&M and M&S as they do great cashmere and the fit is largely the same. Just watch your sizing.

Alpaca Blend - £65 to £39

Jigsaw Cashmere - £155 to £108

All Saints Cashmere Crew - £199 to £159.2


Sales are a good time to search for a bargain on your favourite designer jeans. Shop around different websites and google them to see if you can. Check out also my previous blog on Jean buying to get your fit - but think high waist straight leg.

Raey Track Jeans - £140 to £84

Frame Le High - £215 to £86

Re/Done High Rise Stove Pipe - £240 to £156 (These are my favourite by far, this version has a little elastane, I prefer the 100% Cotton but still a bargain if you prefer that stretch!)


Again I would err on the side of caution and look for classic single breasted and button cuts. Colour wise it depends what you need a black is a wardrobe staple, but you might want to add a Navy if its a colour you wear, or Beige for the summer. I love White blazers all year round, very black and white, very me. Check or Herringbones are great. Again a good time to bag a designer one if you want.

All Saints Check Blazer - £259 to £124

Mango Herringbone Blazer - £89.99 to £69.99

Whistles Check Blazer - £220 to £65


This will be something - if they are comfy - you can wear year after year. Avoid the super high ankles they are not comfortable and again, avoid the trends. They date.

All Saints Wanda Boots - £259 to £144

Arket Chelsea - £150 to £105

Mango Track Sole Boots - £80 to £60

Stories Lace Up Boots - £135 to £95


I love pleather trousers and leather skirts for reasons of sweat and ventilation. Winter sales are a good time to bag a bargain on pleather, leather and suede for that matter. All Saints Leather to me is the absolute best high end high street Leather, although Whistles do great jackets too. Is this the time to upgrade your existing leather? If you have a leather jacket already check whether you need a replacement, but if you don't have one why the heck not? And in this area, I do think leather is better. It just wears better.

Conroy Leather Jacket - £379 to £242

Neko Tan Suede Jacket - £319 to £152

Mango Pleather Blazer - £69.99 to £59.99

Ted Baker Leather Blazer - £275 to £137


Yes you guessed it, sales are a great time to grab a bargain on out of season pieces. Right now if you need a mac, some sandals or you always fancied a really expensive brand of swimwear you might grab a bargain. But again - it's only a bargain if you need it!

Ganni White Jeans - £175 to £70

Arket Snake Sandals - £150 to £75

Hunza G Red Bikini - £150 to £87

Ted Baker Navy Trench - £150 to £75

Is there something on your wish list you have always wanted? Do you stalk it every sale? Let me know and I can add it to my research next time!

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