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This is a topic that has been requested so many times recently on stories. What to wear on a sunny city break? I thought I'd best get you all off my back, because I am not jealous at all, and just get typing!

Now I'm thinking Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, somewhere sunny but still a tiny bit crisp. You still need a jacket type thing? So I have pulled together a little capsule to see you through the weekend and shown you how to wear them and pull them together.


I know I have said this before so by now you are all expert packers, but think of what you are taking as a mini capsule. Have you ever come home from holiday and realised you wore half of what you had taken, the rest didn't see the light of day?! I would suggest for a 3 or 4 day city break you need no more than 10/12 items. I SWEAR IT IS POSSIBLE! What I have done here is 16 pieces in all, including your shoes, sunglasses, bag and jackets.... but with countless options.

When packing pull out all the things you would "like" to take: the dress that has gathered dust all winter and you have a vision of wearing wandering down the Champs Elysees; the shoes that go with it but go with nothing else... the 6 pairs of jeans you need for 3 days..... Then catch yourself on. It's Easyjet! You know they are gonna fine your ass!


When you have out everything you think you need, check the colours - is there a colour theme? You might have one thing that doesn't go with anything else you want to take, great, put that back - you love it but you won't use it. Then look at the shoes, do you really need them all? All 8 pairs? What will you be doing, walking? Sightseeing? You need trainers or boots, something you can walk in and still look cool. Start to whittle down the things that don't really go with the reality of what you will be doing. See if you can pick out the 10 to 12 (or 14 even if you have to) things that work together creating infinite possibilities....


Do it! Then you are certain the 'vision' you have of the outfit is the reality, does it fit, does it work together, will it be too warm, too hot, does it itch and you forgot about it? Doing this now means you won't waste any valuable holiday minutes trying on clothes in your hotel room panicking while you should be on the street corner in a cafe, eating pâtisserie and sipping amazing properly chilled rosé wine (do it for me, don't send me pictures).


I have pulled together this little capsule of things I love in the stores right now, that I think are great investment pieces that will add to your wardrobe all year round but would work for a weekend. But really as a demonstration or how a mini capsule works, I am sure you might have similar pieces that would work.

  1. Denim Shirt

  2. Lace Trimmed Satin Dress

  3. Off White Ruched Top

  4. Rib Knit Dress

  5. Cashmere Jumper

  6. Sheer Black Tee - This is totally see through, pack a good bra!

  7. Favourite Cut Jeans

  8. Boucle Cardigan

  9. Trench

  10. Blazer

  11. Leather Jacket - Great to layer under the trench too if its really cold...

  12. Converse

  13. Black Heels

  14. Chunky Boots

  15. Cats Eye Glasses

  16. Top Handle / Cross Body Bag - A bag like this with the detachable strap is great to change up a look for a weekend away.


That is all for this week... I am do out of practice writing this has taken ages and I have changed every item! Let me know what you think.... feel free to ask for other ideas I was thinking next week will be plain old mothers day lunch out outfit type things...? What do you think?

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