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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

A client said to me recently, "I love seeing people in dresses and white trainers but when I try it I look stupid!"

Well firstly she doesn't and secondly its not a mystic art, its just finding the shoes you love to wear and going with it!

White trainers come in lots of different varieties, in general terms you are talking about Hi-Tops, Low Profile (or tennis shoes) and Chunky ass dad sneakers.

I've mixed it up this week pulling together outfits inspired by PINTEREST and some outfits from my own wardrobe, which outfits do you prefer? How do you like your blogs to look... am trying different formats but want to maximise the pictures and the outfit inspiration?


Classics in this category are the absolutely perennial Converse and Nike Blazer 77. Both of which are awesome and will happily go with anything from jeans, to a suit and/or skirts if you have the legs like this super happy chick in the middle get them out!

If I'm wearing a hi-top and skirt I would typically go for a longer mid length or maxi skirt, rather than anything too short. HI TOPS and skirts or shorts are hard to pull off I think unless you have the legs of a stick insect! If you do GO ON AND PROSPER and I am not jealous at all! :-)


Pleather Joggers - Commando - You might want to pair with linen or other trousers on warmer days, at the moment our weather is all over the place. I have linked the M&S linen trousers I got this week. A bargain!

White Converse - I put mine through the machine every now and again on a hand-wash cycle.


Denim Jacket - Vintage Topshop, H&M current season linked - make sure you try jackets with sweatshirts under, you want to maximise the use and make sure your sleeves aren't too tight!

Skirt - Anine Bing (OLD) - H&M Similar Skirt

Nike Blazers - It pains me to admit mine were a tad too small so I sold them last year and replaced them with the white converse, I find them more comfortable for my feet but I still love a Blazer 77 and will reinvest eventually!


Trench - Vintage Burberry Gerry Jones - Gerry is amazing at sourcing vintage, get in touch with her! Arket are doing lovely current styles too if your not one for the vintage route.

Leopard Print Bag - Old Topshop - alternatives - Whistles , Ganni or M&S - A Leopard print bag will easily dress up any outfit.

Trainers - Converse as above.


Number 1 trainer in this category for longevity and classic smarts is the Adidas Stan Smith, named after a real American Tennis player - yep you guessed it called Stan Smith. The original version is with the green heel plate, but they come in so many versions. I always feel neutral is best but you go do what you like!

You might want to break the bank with a pair of Golden Goose (which have a hidden wedge heel to slim the ankle and yes they are meant to look that way, it's 'distressed').

Or take your fashion inspo from Baby and go low top canvas in a pair of converse, if you don't know who Baby is stop reading and immediately educate yourself lady, what year were you born and what have you been doing with your spare time?

What do they go with everything! This is absolutely the style to wear with long dresses or skirts if you are concerned about your cankles. The low profile will be more flattering on the ankle.

I have selected these looks from Pinterest and suggested ways you can replicate them below.

Outfit 1:

Linen Blend Wrap Dress - H&M Wrap dresses and anything V neck is way more flattering for the fuller bust...

Outfit 2:

Pure Merino Relaxed Sweater - M&S - Always oversize your knitwear looks more expensive

Linen Tapered Leg Trousers - The natural version of the ones above look nice too. Again, I would ditch the belt which makes them look a bit older, but excellent trousers...

Golden Goose with Leopard Star - Sometimes an understated look can take a statement shoe.

Outfit 3:

The lovely styling tip to note here is the girl has taken a bling skirt and sweater and paired them with the green SS and hey presto styled herself to the max in a HI/LOW way. Take something overstated and dress it down with trainers!

Mango Midi Satin Skirt - God damn it I might need this....

Converse Low Tops - Love these beige ones, so yummy! Not technically white so soz!


Now technically the Veja don't entirely fall into the CHUNKY CHUNKY category but they are chunkier than the low profiles above. Now the advantage of chunky trainers is they might make your ankles look thin AS!! Basically they can help to balance out the old pins. There is a reason I have gone high top to chunky - I think these are the most flattering order for the ankles if your flashing them at all...

Outfit 1:

Blazer Anine BIng Fishbone - Mine is old but this latest one is lush!

Jeans Re/Done - Alternatives are these from COS which I rate HIGHLY!

Veja V10 - I think the secret in Veja is they are not generous so if your between sizes go a half size up.

Outfit 2:

Other Stories Oversized Sweater - This is my exact one but in a different colour, they restock it every year so watch come autumn, I have it in the black too.

Whistles Snake Print Skirt - Mine is old, this Second Female skirt from Biscuit Clothing is stunning and would make a great addition to any wardrobe!

Outfit 3:

Other Stories White Oversized Linen Shirt - love it wear it winter and summer

Pleather Leggins - Commando. Cannot fault these, they are amazing and look like real leather! They hold everything in too, and we all need a bit of that over 35.

My outfits are all worn with my Veja, but alternatives are:

Balenciaga Triple S - The break-the-bank sneaker at £700 but if you have money to burn and want everyone to know what size your feet are then off you go! Mine are size 8, no-one needs to see that horror!

Adidas Ozweego - I LOVE these, but don't tell my son. I'm patiently waiting for him to grow out of his... not long now...

Nike Air Max 90s - I adore these, but not in the stark white, I need a pair at some point but I would have to have a little colour or something on them. The stark white looks a little like a super dedicated hard working nurses 'comfortable shoe'.

So THAT is it for this week! I mentioned to my husband this weeks blog was do's and don'ts on white trainers and he said the big don't is "not to step in dog poop", so he totally gets style blogs. Wise words.

Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to message me if you have any questions for future blogs, I have been asked to do summer wedding guest outfits and might tackle that next.... or staycation style? What would you prefer?

And I'm going to leave this picture right here. I think we can all look this good in white trainers... all of us!

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