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I think the majority of my clients would class themselves as 'winter dressers' i.e. they prefer and feel more comfortable styling outfits for winter. My lovely client the other week said "I just have no clue how to dress in the summer".

I think the changeable UK weather (from sleet to sunshine in seconds) and a general lack of desire to get the pins out makes summer clothes a minefield for lots of ladies. Turing to social media and magazines for inspiration would have you think you immediately need to rush out and buy a handful of floral dresses one for each day of the week, but there really is no need!

Here are seven outfits you probably already have in your wardrobe or you could easily recreate... I have linked my items where they are available or substitutes.

How do you dress for summer - same as you do all year, with way less water proof laters?


Total no brainer, this skirt is an old Zara one but I have linked similar options. It doesn't have to be leopard, you might have a floral or block colour skirt, just try it with a simple white tee to balance out the trainers and off you go. Typically if the tee is oversized I tie it in a knot at the back to save all the excess tucking of material into a skirt.


Trusty old dungarees look cool when worn with a simple white vest or tee. Wear a black vest or colour with your blue denim dungarees - think contrast.


I know lots of you are terrified of wearing shorts without any reason. If you balance the shorts with a dad sandal and Hawaiian shirt this makes it a little more considered and a little less 'hooker on a hen night'.


This beach coverup or kimono I love so much Im happy to wear it with jeans in Scotland. Invest in yourself and buy things you would wear anywhere, not just ON HOLIDAY!!!

Ripped Jeans & Pretty Sandals

These trucker style jeans look great with a pretty sandal and oversized white tee or a knit like here. Making the jeans a little more fem.

Summer Linens

There is something so cool and wafty about Linen for the summer. This Arket set is current and I have been looking for nice black shorts and a black shirt for years so buying a matching set is such an investment. Yes they work well together, worn tucked in they look like a playsuit and yes I cant see me wearing linen shorts all year, but the shirt yes. In winter that will be amazing with leather leggings or joggers.

Shirt - Arket Comes in a range of colours, I have a white oversized linen shirt which I wear to death all year too.

Graphic Sweatshirt & Shorts

I am a total beach bum at heart, I think there is nothing easier than shorts a graphic sweatshirt and sandals. As the night cools this is such a laid back cool look.

Hope that helps, the idea being, you don't need to lack confidence in summer dressing, wear what makes you comfortable but when choosing items and shopping for yourself invest in those things you love.

They don't have to be expensive - the investment is in you and your time. Get the thing that makes you happy, not the thing that WILL DO. That is selling yourself short and you won't wear it time and time again.


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