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Ok, ok, ok! I know some of you are going out already and I'm not jealous at all... sniff... But today Glasgow moves into Level 2 which essentially means we can go into another human beings house or SHOCK HORROR - a pub or restaurant - with other humans to whom we are not actually related and drink wine... under a roof... not a tarpaulin... OMG! I might burst!

Lots of you asked for night out or dinner out style outfit ideas so I have pulled together a few ideas from my wardrobe which hopefully might inspire you. As always the colour palette I favour is fairly minimal, but you might have similar items in a rainbow of colours - excellent mix it up and go with it! I have linked the item and alternatives below.


I am sure most of us have one - there is a reason people recommend you have one... if all else fails it can go anywhere or do almost anything. Well it probably wouldn't work for an arctic explorer but you know what I mean...

Shoes - Office Old but these Other Stories ones are ACE!


I love this Arket linen suit with these heels, you might want to go for a more formal short or a fitted top but I like the paired back look of this... Defo a chunky sandal rather than a spike heel for this look. Let's be honest, we haven't walked in heels for a year and half, we need to avoid broken ankles at this delicate stage of lockdown easing.


Pleather trousers can still work in summer (if its not too hot) if you keep the rest of the outfit light and breezy. The linen shirt with the half tuck and the barely there sandals make it a summery paired back look.

Trousers - Commando again old, watch your sizing the waist bands are super large

Shoes - vintage Manolo but have suggested alternatives


I have smooshed these three looks together really in the category of jeans and a nice top. I love the first - leopard print for a night out you cant beat it. And the pretty sandal dresses up the baggy jeans. I like to go high/low when dressing take a basic thing and dress it up or dress down a super dressy piece. Makes for a more elegant less try hard look, and lets be honest who can be arsed with body con at this stage and age? The one shoulder top is a bit more out there, so I like to team it with the baggier boyfriend jeans again - less hooker on a hen night more responsible mum on tour... and finally my oversized denim shirt with more tailored jeans and again a nice sandal, it is summer! The shirt is oversized so needs a more tailored jean.

Outfit 1:

H&M Resort Shirt - I have the matching trousers and I would so wear those together on a night out too!

Jeans - Old Anine Bing but these look similar

Shoes - I am in love with these H&M ones but have no reason to buy them... if you need some you should!

Outfit 2:

Jeans & Sandlas as above

Top - Old Zara, love this COS one!

Outfit 3:

Sandals as above

Jeans - Re/Done, expensive but the best jeans I have ever owned.

Studded Denim Shirt - All Saints Current


Again a blazer is a staple fall back but so easy to wear and a heck more versatile an investment than a floral dress any day of the week! I love this old Zara velvet one. I am totally happy to wear it in summer again I have paired it with the baggy boyfriend jeans to dress it down, a little less smoking jacket more " she is looking smoking in that jacket" ;-)

I'm wearing it two ways here one with a velvet cami under which is a little more raunchy (for me) and the other with a simple white racer back vest. Both I would happily wear to any night out! Again a cami is an great wardrobe staple that helps pull outfits together last minute. H&M do great basic ones.

Blazer - there are not many velvet blazers for sale at the moment (really) however I have linked a COS boyfriend blazer which I also own and swear by, I would wear it with this look totally. A beige blazer would be awesome here too!

Jeans & sandals old - as above.


Again an easy classic, most of us have a leather jacket and skirt or dress? Throw a leather jacket over most anything and it gives immediate edge. I've also worn these old pink boots from Sam Edelman, totally out of stock, I love these in the winter with jeans for a night out and basically any jumper or sweater. You might want to wear this with a sandal, I was feeling a bit 'extra' when I took the picture. The statement boot give a little extra edge - I think everyone needs some kind of statement shoe or boot or both - immediately makes any outfit edgier.

Leather Jacket - Old All Saints but those evil geniuses do the best leather and they do the same ones year on year nearly. I wouldn't get a leather jacket anywhere else, but check the outlets, I got mine for £130 several years ago rather than the £299 and its still on sale.

Skirt - Old Zara this H&M one is very cool!

Boots Sam Edelman - I love these from Other Stories - you might have a black one, or the H&M sandlas above would be great here too!


My actual favourite fast look - I hate the term 'go to' but it pretty much is that. If I'm looking for something fast and cant decide then a cardi and jeans is probably it. Cardis are not just for Nanas! I love love love this look for so many reasons, its simple yet still a little sexy (eek) but still paired back.

If you have BIG BOOBS this is your look, a v neck cardi is the BEST shape for you, shows the old cleve without it being total 'tits on a plate' and if your flatter than an ironing board like me then a v-neck shows a little décoletté which also works. I always recommend high waist jeans too, universally flattering as it pulls the tummy in - we all have one - lets keep it where it should be with strong fabric. And 100% cotton denim is better - wears well.

Jeans - These COS jeans are my high street favourites at the moment. If I needed jeans I would get them in a heartbeat!

Shoes - Manolo Blahnik (Christmas gift, he knocked that one out the park really) but these knotted heels from Office are also so cool...

That is it really! 10 ideas if you are heading OUT tonight or today??? I sadly am not, I am home alone with 3 boys, but I think we are out next week so CANNOT wait and will probably wear something from above? Which do you think is best?

Also if you have any suggestions for next weeks blog then let me know, I am going to try to regularly post on a Saturday morning I think? Does that work for you?

Elena x

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