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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Anyone starting a new job in January? It's such a January thing to do isn't it? New Year, NEW YOU! Or perhaps you are on the hunt for that new role, the job of your dreams, a lift in your salary and a step up?

Or maybe like Bridget Jones, you need a new job because had to leave your old one because you shagged your boss? Whatever your own very special circumstances I have the wardrobe for you.

If you have followed me for a while you will appreciate I advocate a wardrobe that suits all purposes - unless you are a Hairdresser (bleach) or a Brain Surgeon (blood) you really don't need a separate "work wardrobe".

Try to invest in pieces that make you feel great and that you're desperate to wear all the time. The "it will do for work" sentence should not be part of your vocabulary. And if it is, cut it out! Why, you ask? Because surely you want to feel awesome in all situations, especially work? If your wearing something you don't feel particularly nice in are you really feeling your best self all day?

Below I've pulled together some versatile looks and tried to show you how these are easily moved from day to night, to weekend or where ever is needed!


You might have heard the term capsule wardrobe, to me a capsule wardrobe is about understanding your colour palette and investing in the best pieces you can afford, which you love and can take you to any occasion.

The idea being why have several cheap black blazers, you only need one awesome one that you love? Same goes with jeans and everything else. One really good item of knitwear might cost the equivalent of three cheaper ones, but it will last longer and look way more pulled together than its cheaper cousin.

Below I have created a capsule of 10 items plus 4 pairs of shoes that will work as much for office as home; for meetings on Zoom or face-to-face and for the school-run and gin's-with-mums. ;-)

These are the building blocks:

  1. Single button blazer - black or navy, depending on your preferred colour palette - COS Oversized Blazer £135

  2. Check or tweed blazer - Mango Check Wool Blazer £89

  3. Knitwear - at least two sweaters, the highly versatile Sezane Gaspard Jumper £95 and cashmere from Uniqlo Black Cashmere Jumper £79

  4. Good Quality Tees for Summer & Layering - White Tee £17

  5. Good Coat - Wool for Winter, Trench for Spring Summer - Reiss Camel Coat £328

  6. High Waist Tapered Trousers - Universally flattering shape, avoid culottes, universally unflattering. COS Black Tapered Trousers - £89

  7. Crisp White Shirt - From jeans to sequin leggings, a white shirt goes with everything - Ted Baker White Shirt £50 (sale)

  8. Satin Slip Dress (or skirt) they do a similar job ;-) All Saints Black Hadley Dress - £119

  9. Quality Blue Jeans You Love - Nudie High Waist Straight Leg Jeans - £135

  10. Boots - Flat Classic Chelsea or heeled depending on your preference - Other Stories Leather Chelsea Boot - £120

  11. Loafers Russel & Bromley Snaffle Loafer - £195

  12. Courts - Whistles Classic Court - £129

  13. Converse - you will surely have some trainers but if you really don't I find these really suitable for winter. Warmer than low tops, comfortable and machine washable!

  14. Yes, I cheated, I had to add this waistcoat mostly because I want it and also because I want it. COS Cropped Waist Coat - £69


You know the days where you go to work so pulled together everyone automatically assumes you are going to an interview, here is that look and then as we go on there are a few variations on how to wear those pieces again. Home or office.


So you could literally be sitting in your pants, what matters is what you look like from the waist up. Knitwear is everything. The Sezane Gaspard knit I have included here is pricey but there are at least 8 ways to wear it so I need to do a post on that in itself. You can wear it with the buttons to front or back, open or closed, draped over blazers to add a scarf or as a cardigan on its own. Revolutionary I know.... But trust me you need versatile.


No workplace today is as formal as it was pre COVID. Denim might have only applied to Friday dress down days, but now it might well work many other days. Here are some looks to wear in the office.


I don't know about you but the "up in the club" occasions are less and less and the "day drinks with friends" are more and more so what should you wear? Anything above.... heres how.


When you are not in the office but you are still working it.

So that is it again for this week. Not sure what next week's blog will hold maybe something totally crazy like best pieces to watch out for as spring arrives, but its only the 1st of January I might need to hold my horses on that one!

How about recycling those Christmas looks for January nights out? Or maybe a weekend away capsule, as we might possibly be leaving the country in 2022? Heres hoping!!!

Suggestions welcome! Here is a little grid of all the looks above, just for you, because I love you!

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1 comentario

Great blog. Just what I needed, I'll be sorting the wardrobe out this week (that is the aim, childminding permitting)

Thanks very much.

Me gusta
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