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Sadly, I don't mean the fun ravey kind of park life. I mean the cold miserable muddy one...

Whether you are a dog mum or a child catching kiddy mum you want to look like you've still got it in the park. This weeks blog is dedicated to those who have asked for "park mum ideas", those cold wet women holding the country's toddlers and puppies together, one muddy foot at a time.

As someone who thought they might never have kids, I suddenly became the mother of 3 boys under 3. Life can throw you some big fat unexpected curve balls. Or in my case, three of them. From an exciting life of 4 inch heels, international travel and killer suits I was now enjoying showering in approx 2 seconds flat while some small eyes watched on from a jolly jumper door swing... I had become "a new mum" and worse than that, I was now "outdoorsy". The boys had to be outside by 11am latest or they were bouncing off walls. Fact.

It was a new world.

It was about that time I started to rationalise any difficult clothing out of my wardrobe - if its not comfy hardwearing or fast to put on it was gone. But I still wanted to look cool, I still wanted to be me. So here are some ideas which I hope might help, practical, fast to throw on, washable and suitable for muddy paws or chocolate covered fingers.


I am so excited by the return of Uggs to my wardrobe, I last had them when the boys were little and yes not totally waterproof but hello, warm and fast to put on, what else do you need! I like to wear mine with jeans or luxe loungewear. This outfit is about layering, you need to be able to layer up and down for long days out and standing around in freeeeezing parks. You also need a coat with a hood, you will have no hands to hold an umbrella. Trust me, that is fantasy.

H&M Long Puffer - £33.99


If you have invested in a green padded jacket, enjoy, there are many ways to wear them. I love mine with everything basically, possibly my most worn jacket of the last few years. But if your hanging about in damp parks why not wear it like this... And as a side note, I love my converse in the winter and just chuck them in the washing machine every now and again.

Veja V-10 - £125

H&M Green Liner - £34.99


Don't neglect your 'good coat' now that you are no longer office based. Once reserved for throwing over hot suits, now dress it down with loungewear and jeans and go. I love a good wool coat with lounge wear and denim and this navy one from COS is a lovely shape for anyone.

Navy Wrap Coat - £190

H&M Black Wrap Coat - £119.99


Now I have gone for grey here you might make a practical judgement call and go all black, but trust me a loungewear set is a good investment, worn together with a coat over they can look super fresh. I have teamed the Arket joggers with a detailed hoody but the set would be great worn together too! I also love the beige set, I feel I need them in my life...

Nike Air Max 90s - £101 (on sale)

H&M Sweatshirt - £24.99

Nike Waffle One - £89.95

That is it for this week! Might go for night out looks or something next week, any suggestions feel free to shout! And please let me know what you think of the outfits and the blog!


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