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Throughout 2022 I am going to dedicate some blogs to basics and why they are important. First up the cornerstone of an effortlessly chic wardrobe - the king of all basics - the blazer.

No other item can immediately lift a simple outfit from total meh to weyhey!? Thrown over everything from a slip dress to lux loungewear one good blazer is an essential in any wardrobe.

How many blazers do you need? To be honest only one, but if you want to add more don't replicate the same colours for different purposes - "this is my black work blazer, this is my black going out blazer" etc... Have one great black blazer you love so much you are desperate to wear it EVERYWHERE! Then when it comes to adding another blazer, add a colour, a texture or patterned blazer, something that gives you more options and doesn't pigeon hole or limit your choices to work, home or social.

According to Vogue UK the blazer is "in" for spring 2022. I'm sorry but a blazer is never "out", it is one thing you should always have on hand. Here are three really great blazer types to build extend your wardrobe and three outfit ideas for each.


Whether you are busty or slim a single button slightly oversized blazer gives the best shape, even when worn open the single button still gives some definition to your waist. If you are busty or pear shaped, stay away from blazers with a super boxy shape, stick to a one button. Over-the-top embellishment and rolled sleeves, you are a big girl you can roll your own sleeves up. Try to avoid the dated, short fitted blazers of the naughties, these will show your age... think looser fit.

Oversized blazers are quite current, but they also don't really go out of style as long as you don't go for the comedy supersized shoulders. You don't want to go so oversized on the shoulders you look like your ready for the NFL. They should be only slightly oversized on the shoulders. The length of the blazer should fall either above or below the widest part of your hips not right on it or you will look like a box.


Nothing is more ready for anything than a black blazer, so this is the King-of-the-King-of-staples as far as I am concerned. If you are panicking for something smart to wear for anything from a coffee date to a funeral a black blazer can save you! Your wardrobe might be more French based in colour, in which case your dark blazer might be Navy not Black. But for my purposes black is more versatile, edgy and a simple classic for everything. For this look, I have purposefully chosen the simplest of simple chic basics and shown you 3 variations of how it works.


COS OVERSIZED BLAZER - £135 (currently in limited sizes but comes back into stock all the time, this is the one I wear most often)




Arket Oversized Blazer - £135 (very similar to the COS one)

Mango Wool Suit Blazer - £99.99 (consider sizing up for a slightly overized fit)


My Anine Bing Fishbone which was a bit of an investment birthday gift a few years ago. Yes it is an expensive piece but I estimate I have worn it at least once a week in the two and a bit years I've had it, some weeks more than once and I wear it all year round layered in winter and over vests/dresses in summer. Cost per wear is probably buttons by now.

Do you consider cost per wear when you purchase something? Simply put its the cost of the piece averaged out over the number of times you wear it. So for me real wardrobe investments should be the things you wear most frequently such as bags, jeans, boots and blazers. It's worth investing in pieces you love and look forward to rewearing. They won't let you down and again I wear this dressed up or down.



Topshop Hayden Boots - £42 (on sale)

Mango Leather Shoulder Bag (Pink) - £35.99 (comes in a ton of colours)


Spanx Faux Leather Sculpting Leggings - £89 (I hear wonderful things about these)

Smocked Crossbody Bag - £55 (COS had a really funky faux fur bag which is no longer available online, if your after something different check in stores).

ASOS PU Cap - £12.99


This is probably the most 'nice to have' of the three. It's not an essential and might really work the same as a trench in your wardrobe, but it adds another dimension and if your a blazer girl like me then it will work hard!



Tights - £5 (I get asked about tights all the time, 40 denier is as thick as you should go and patterned are brilliant. Asos have a great selection).



Mango Wool Blazer - £120 (I would size up in this for an oversized fit)

Topshop Blazer - £34.99


That's all for this week ladies! As every let me know what you think, if you like the blog subscribe below to get further blogs straight to your inbox and share them with your friends! And if your extra special and generous, share it on your social media!

Next week I'm thinking jeans and a nice top or maybe leggings seeing as that is a HOT HOT HOT topic for you ladies? Which would you prefer? x

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