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What do we want - ARM CANDY! When do we want it? NOW!!! A topic I am regularly quized on is bags: which ones to have; which to invest in; how much to spend; what brands to buy and what colours????

So this week I thought (in advance of Mothers Day, if you observe it) I would share some of my all time favourite bags that I think are a solid investment.

Controversially I think you only need 3 - but obviously we can all have more (I do)....


An investment bag is a bag with a timeless classic design. You don't have to spend the cost of a small car on a bag to call it an investment, but consider the design and quality of the materials and invest in the BEST one you can afford. An investment bag well chosen could last you for YEARS.

Coco Chanel designed her first handbag in 1929 and her first shoulder bag in Feb 1955 and thus the classic Chanel 2.55 was named and born. These classic bag styles have been copied and emulated for over 100 years, now that is a classic! Certainly it's an eye watering price tag, but if you can afford it, great, knock yourself out and can you buy me one? :-)

Below I have shared a variety of bags of different prices which I think are solid investments. And talked about the 'bag capsule' that I think is enough for any wardrobe.


The cornerstone in any wardrobe, the first bag in your capsule should be a good black bag. This can and will go with most everything. Ok so the Chanel 2.55 is the holy grail, there are some bags I know and love that are a more achievable starter entry point on the investment bag scale. Think of this as your everyday bag, I don't like the idea of keeping anything for best, I do look after things and consider where I am going - but use it, beautiful things are made to be used and loved.

I would definitely go cross body and make sure you can carry at least a purse, phone, lipstick as well as space for anything else you might need daily. Nothing worse than a bag that doesn't actually carry everything you need. Here are a few I love.

Gucci Marmont Small - £1200 (this is the bag I have, they have definitely hiked the price up recently as I didn't pay this for it).

Jerome Dreyfuss Lulu - £650

Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi Bag Large - £689

Zadig & Voltaire Rocky Bag - £372

Zadig & Voltaire XL Mat - £345

See by Chloe Hana Bag - £285

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag - £425 (another cult French brand - this bag to die for!)

Saint Laurent Lou Bag - £1090

APC Half Moon Bag - £335


I appreciate the concept of animal print as a neutral is too much for some but it so is!

An animal print bag is the spot of interest in your jeans and a white or breton tee look. If animal print isn't for you, you might enjoy the vintage Gucci or beige or tan, but I swear try it, you will love it!

Jerome Dreyfuss Bobbi Bag - £442

Jerome Dreyfuss Igor Bag in Leo - £700

Jerome Dreyfuss Lulu Small Leo - £527

Zadig & Voltaire Nano Snake - £212

Zadig & Voltaire Rock Wild - £239

Zadig & Voltaire Kate Vintage Bag - £489

Gucci Horsebit 1955 - £2030 (please please please can someone buy me this bag?)


Not necessarily an investment bag, more an essential chunk-it-all-in-and-go bag. At the point where I had 3 boys under 3 my Longchamp Weekend was actually my day bag - we carried so many nappies, emergency snacks and Jelly Cat bunnies for 3 boys you needed ALOT of space.

As the volume required became less, they became more mobile and I needed two hands to hold little hands I moved to a backpack. The Fjallraven backpack it is my absolute go-to park mum bag for snacks, plasters, water bottles and sundry cars and the random tat that comes with little boys.

I have also recently invested in a smaller La Pilage Original to use as a gym bag. All 3 I can highly recommend for wipeable, spill-proof sturdiness I think the top two are respectively 10 and 6 years old and still going strong.

Longchamp La Pilage Shoulder Bag - £90

Longchamp Weekend - £95

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack - £85

Herschel Mid Volume Backpack - £65

H&M Leopard Print Carry All - £24.99

Jerome Dreyfuss Tote Bag - £672 (I need this)

Gucci Tote Bag - £1200

Saint Laurent Tote - £1130 (also need this)...

That is it for this week - I might create more 'edit' style pages on my website going forward and add to them? Not sure what do you think?

Anyway, Ive had one of those moments with this blog where you finish it, hit publish then loose half of it, so I want to cry a little! Let me know what you think of the cobbled together mini version!

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