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Spring is springing, buds are blooming and lambs are gamboling all over the place! What has felt like a two year bleak COVID winter is lifting and dare I say it life feels a little more normal (and don’t let’s say ‘the new normal’ ever again that got old in 2021).

Going out, with real people, wearing nice clothes is now back on the agenda. That’s living the dream.

To mark the start of the new season, I thought I would share some tricks of the trade. Firstly it’s time to ‘seasonalise’ that wardrobe, meaning time to take out all those bulky nasty itchy winter togs and store them again until next autumn winter. Why do we do this? Two reasons, so you can see what you have and quickly build outfits from the things that make you feel great.

What should be in your wardrobe, what you look at everyday should be only those things you love and feel great in and can wear now.

As the temperature drops in Autumn pack away those daisy dukes my friend (this is Glasgow) and pull out all those magnificent winter layers you forgot you had. The buzz you get from forgotten items, because you are not fed up fighting to get past it all summer, is just like shopping, but better because you haven’t had to pay for any of it again.

It’s important to have a manageable visible wardrobe. When the wardrobe becomes overwhelming and we can’t see things we get into the “can’t see it; don’t wear it; wear the same thing daily and have all this other stuff” paradox, so minimise the offer and you will be able to use more. Trust me, I know my shit!

So once you have streamlined your wardrobe to spring / summer pieces what is left, some knickers and an old bikini? Do not fret. I have created a 15 piece capsule wardrobe for spring that will rebuild your wardrobe for day or night looks. You might have some or similar items to those here. The purpose is to help you see how only a few items can create countless looks.

This a blog was first published by my friends at the Westender but I wanted to share the longer version here as there are so many looks from this simple capsule. Follow the Westender here for future articles.



  1. Biscuit Part Two Hadia Cream Trench - £224.95

  2. COS Black Blazer - £135

  3. All Saints Dalby Leather Jacket - £299

  4. Biscuit Lollys Laundry Lulu Kimono - £150

  5. Other Stories Rib Knit Dress - £89

  6. Arket Oversized White Shirt - £59

  7. Amarylis Baum Und Pferdgarten Jasmine Sweater - £89

  8. COS Black Waistcoat - £69

  9. COS Heavyweight White Tee - £25

  10. Colourful Standard Camel Sweater - £90

  11. COS Silk Sheer Base Layer - £55

  12. Good Story Store Monkeegenes White Libby Jean - £60

  13. COS Tapered Trousers - £89

  14. Ichi Twiggy Raven Jeans - £65

  15. COS Grey Wrap Cardigan - £69


  1. Nike Day Break - £90

  2. Mos Mosh Doha Animal Flat - £125

  3. H&M Tie Mules - £59.99

  4. Other Stories Chunky Leather Boots - £125


  1. Pampas Essentiel Orange Mini Camera Bag - £115

  2. Good Story Store Riley Studio Cashmere Stripe Socks -

  3. Pampas Rachel Jackson Art Deco Initial Necklace - £55

  4. Pampas Soko Gold Code Necklace - £150

  5. Other Stories Croc Shoulder Bag - £90

  6. Longchamp Le Pliage Shoulder Bag - £80




That is all for this week, it's been such a busy one and with the news, a worrying one. Stay safe.



COS Liner Jacket - £99

Free People Dolman Quilted Jacket - £188


H&M Off-White Rib Knit Maxi Dress - £24.99

H&M Rib-Knit Dress - £39.99

H&M Rib Knit Collar Dress - £24.99

H&M Light Beige Rib Knit Dress - £24.99


Pampas Patrizia Pepe White Shirt - £149

Good Story Store Amour Lux Breton - (purchase in store)


& Other Stories Favourite Cut White Jeans - £65

H&M Vintage High White - £24.99


Wooden May Whisper White Trainers - £89.95

Biscuit Shoe The Bear Iona Chunky Loafers - £110

Mango Chunky Chain Loafer - £49.99

Other Stories Leather Lace Up Heels - £85

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