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Updated: Jan 30, 2022

OMG so many questions over the last few weeks about SHOES!! Apparently you all have very awkward tootsies!

You have asked for sensible shoes for winter weather!! Stylish flats for those of you who cannot wear heels!! You need to know what height should the boots be to your jeans? How on earth do you wear trainers in winter if you get cold ankles? And for the one lady with ankles so skinny everything looks like a "bad C&A welly", let's see if I can sort it all out for you?

Let's call it a winter shoe capsule if you will, the shoe minimum to help you get through this period of unpredictable British weather with happy little tootsies until it becomes somewhat more spring like and bearable and its time to get them out...

For ALL the outfits below the shoes are interchangeable - ie I am trying to show you outfits where you can mix up the types of shoes - not just mix between black boots themselves if you know what I mean!


The first on our essential list is a flat boot. I've had some version of a flat chunky throughout my life from DM's to 12 hole Timberlands (OMG I LOVED THOSE), in winter you need a boot to stomp about in. There are two base types if you will Chelsea and Lace Up. If you have any concern about skinny ankle gaps, or ankle tightness on a Chelsea then you should consider a lace up boot, both are just as lovely as each other and both go with EVERYTHING from dresses, to skirts, jeans and lux loungewear. I have the M&S ones and the Stories lace up boots which are linked below, not many sizes left in either but can highly recommend.

M&S Chunky Boots- £48 (sale)


If you are into a heel a long heeled boot is a fantastic winter wardrobe hero. They look stunning under skirts and dresses and edgy with jeans. When choosing a long boot try to find one that would suit both purposes. I am more into a kitten heel height these days admittedly than a 4 inch heel and thankfully there are so many of those on the market.

H&M Long Boot - £59.99


in winter I do favour my Converse, purely for practical reasons as I do love that I can chuck them in the washing machine every now and again and they are without a doubt the most comfy high top. Also as they are high-tops you don't have to worry so much about cold ankles. In winter I wear my low top sneakers with decent socks - it's really that simple. Marks & Sparks do the best knee high thermal socks known to man and COS & Arket do the greatest sparkly fun socks. You will need at least a high top in your winter wardrobe, but if you can add a nice low top great, but don't forget the socks!

M&S Pink Beanie - £12.50

M&S Pink Scarf - £12.50

New Look Tights - £12.50

Converse - £57

Veja Venturi - £140


The chunkier loafers are very current and have such a cool look, I am not the hugest fan of these as a trend piece, I prefer the more styled look of the Gucci or these from R&B. If you favour a chunky one, I would go for a DM lace up rather than the trend shoes, but that is me.

DM 1461 Shoe - £119

Black Jeans - £19.99

H&M Teddy Coat - £139.99

That is it for this week, some suggestions, some outfits and some little extra bits n bobs. Let me know what you think, let me know what you would like to see next week and leave a comment if you fancy! Oh and feel free to email the blog to friends, the more the merrier!!!

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