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I have been planning on doing this blog for ages! A topic close to my heart and dedicated to those ladies who just like me are - JEANS GIRL AND PROUD!


I like a dress as much as the next girl but I only have a few, a much better investment for me is a damn good pair of jeans. What other item in your wardrobe can take you to the club or the park (who goes to the club anymore, really but you know what I mean!)?

If you are a jeans girl at heart don't let insta turn your head and foster self doubt, love yourself and your jeans collection too!

I have so many conversations with girls on insta and clients along the lines "I mean I just live in jeans, I should wear more dresses", they sound like they are confessing to murder.

Can we call time on this notion that we should all be gambling about in floral dresses all day. I have 3 sons, a busy life and I live in bloody cold wet Glasgow. I can see a flowing smock dress getting caught in the car door on the football run, dragging in the park mud as I try to get the twins to leave on the 25th attempt, and snagging on the fridge as I search for wine in between making 5 different dinners for 5 different people...

Dressing like a toilet roll doily on a daily basis just isn't practical - so dump your jeans guilt right in the bin with the toilet roll doily and move on.

For a buying guide on jeans read this blog, I will get around to updating this at some point.

Let's talk jeans and a nice top, here are some of my favourite ways to wear jeans for a night out. Well let's be honest a late lunch early dinner home by 9pm type affair, which is the main extent of my social life...


I love love love a cardi on its own for a cool girl night out look, it has a real Parisian vibe. Look for a cardi with no pockets, not too long and this will give you the versatility of wearing it both over tees with trainers as a sweater with heels and for a laid back night out look. If the neckline works a v-neck cardi can also look amaze when worn back to front or off the shoulder, the ultimate for this is the Sezane Gaspard cardi which is a great investment piece as you can genuinely wear it about 10/12 ways; check my instagram stories to see how.


I love the simplicity of jeans and a shirt worn with heels and a really sleek bag. A really good edgy outfit typically includes both overtly masculine and feminine pieces. I think the tendency past a certain age is to think I need to throw everything at an outfit and if I don't have my tits covered in sequins I am not dressed for going out. TOTAL NONSENSE! Balance your super fem girly heels with a mens shirt for style points and edge.

Jeans and a shirt and killer heels can take you anywhere! I love the idea of the tie belt over the shirt and it all a little messy, or if you prefer to tuck with no belt I would give the shirt a french tuck or a single tuck of the button hole side into your jeans. If the shirt is super oversized tuck it into your bra and tuck the fold into the waistband of your jeans.

Finally can I give some respect to the red lip, which can take an outfit from nothing to something in seconds, a red lip lifts any mood and any outfit. It is worth while taking the time, going to a make-up counter and finding your perfect shade.


Now call me crazy but I am not much of a one for a comedy collar, reminds me a little too much of Blackadder II. I prefer my blouses a little less in your face and a little more timeless. This little sequin top from Other Stories is just dreamy!!! When mixing colours or patterns keep it in tone - here I have mixed pastels, you might like to mix stronger colours, jewel tones, acid tones or patterns. If you keep it tonal it works.

H&M Lilac Mules - £24.99


I just love them, they have about the right amount of 90s for me to make me feel all young and with it again. Plus I do think they have a decent amount of longevity, despite being on trend. If you get a decent one you will be able to layer it with jeans, trousers, blazers and shirts for years to come. I love the sweetheart neckline of this H&M one, the detailing makes it look way more expensive than it is so I have matched it with other items that all have designer detailing.

Black Rib Knit Top - £24.99 (very Totemé)

Accessorise Quilted Clutch - £22 (very Chanel)

Essie Nail Varnish Liquorice - £7.99 (Essie is just the best varnish, and I wear black (or white) on my finger nails pretty much all year).


When I write blogs I do a ton of research and sometimes find nice things I don't include... I think from now on I will have a little selection of these at the foot of each blog. Incase one of them is your dream piece!

H&M Rib Knit Jumper Plus Black - £17.99

H&M Rib Knit Jumper Grey - £17.99 (also comes in black & white)

Asymetric Tops

I am a huge fan of the one shoulder, have been since Patricia Field first dressed SJP in them, I had a vast collection (still do really) and also collected coordinating corsages at the time (OMG!!!).

Broderie Tops - scream summer

Wrap Tops - great if you have boobs

Edited Puff Sleeve Leopard Wrap Shirt - £58 (very Ganni without the price tag)


That is all for this week, there will be no blog next weekend because we are going on holiday and I CANNOT WAIT. First time out of the UK in over two years, I am like a caged beast!!!! To-da-loo my friends, until the next time!

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