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Another wardrobe staple that is practically an all year round possibility is a good trench coat. A trench can be layered up or down to suit the season and would work against almost everything the UK weather can throw at you. So this weeks blog is dedicated to that capsule wardrobe essential - the trench coat, which really comes into its own in the spring.


When it comes to trench coats I think the classic styles are the most timeless and flattering. Depending on your height you ideally want one that comes somewhere between your knee and your mid calf, no longer or shorter really. If you are petite you will be looking for one that is just below the knee, long lengths will drown you. And a belted style will suit every shape and here is why:

If you are petite - belting emphasises your waist and makes your legs look longer;

If you are busty - belting emphasises your waist and balances out the uneven proportion below and above the waist;

If you are curvy - belting will give you a waist and emphasise an hourglass shape; and

If you are slim - the belt will give you the curves you need.


I find that beige and camel toned trenches typically go with 100% of your wardrobe - navy, black and khaki are a little more limited but depending on the colours you have in your wardrobe they might suit your specific wardrobe colour palette.

Which colour suits you? There is a tone of every colour that will suit you - including neutrals. Skin is largely cool or warm, blue or yellow based, and falls mainly into seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

You might know if you have a cool skin tone, your jewellery choices might be more silver based, you might wear pastels and neutral shades more - a coolish beige will be more for you. Warmer skin tones who naturally wear more gold and warm colours will suit the stronger warmer camel tones of beige (PSA - if you want more help to understand which colours or shapes suit you - get in touch and I can complete an online consult with you to help you understand this more).

This all said - please don't get hung up on colour charts and skin tone - while they help so much, I have seen women getting themselves into quite a TIZZ, clinging on to colour charts thinking they can only wear the exact colours on the chart and nothing else. Retail and life doesn't work like that. You can wear almost any colour, with a full face of slap, just keep your skin tone in mind rather than being rigid to colour rules.

So onto the outfits. Here are my favourite high street trenches available now and some outfit suggestions for to take you from now to warmer days.


I love a trench layered up at the moment, and I especially love mine with my leather leggings and a hoody. Such an easy throw on if you are coming straight from the gym or on the school run and you just want a slightly cooler look.


Nothing is easier for work than a loafer and a trench. Well maybe staying in your joggers with the camera off and doing a zoom is but you get my gist? My friend once got caught on a zoom call wearing her Christmas t-shirt in July and applying fake tan. True story. Don't be that girl just make sure your camera is off. With this look I would either belt the trousers or even belt the oversized shirt loose over the trousers for a more laid back look.

H&M Trench - £59.99

Black Belt - £12.99


I look forward to getting my toes out again come spring, I mean real spring not this wintery cold wet thing that is pretending to be spring. The jeans here are Levi ribcage and I cannot recommend these enough, I love them, such a comfortable jean. Big thumbs up! Also a nod to the raglan sleeve - again a terribly flattering shape on anyone - especially if you think you have wide shoulders. draws the shoulders up instead of making you look like an American Footballer.

Raglan Sleeve Sweater - £60 (on sale)


I am so in love with my knitted dresses and love the idea of wearing them with my trench and boots in that mid season. At the moment my ankles are too cold, but I am trying to get my head into the idea!

Rib Knit Dress - £24.99


Last but not least how can you wear a trench without at least once wearing it with a breton top? A trench just screams Parisian style, Audrey Hepburn and all things chic...

H&M Trench - £79.99

Quilted Mules - £17.99

Baguette - £35.99

That is it for this week folks! I am considering strongly what I might do next week and I think it might be a time to do the ultimate investment bag rundown. Or if you have any other suggestions I am delighted to hear them!

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