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This is a slightly more in-depth version of the Online Consultation. We start with a pre-consultation questionnaire to ensure I understand where your at and your needs. Then we have a 30 minute online consultation where we discuss your needs and style aspirations and I will conduct a body shape analysis and together we will establish your signature style.  


Offline I will build you a tailored shopping report to fullfil your needs for you to order online and try at home.  This will be sized and planned to suit and fit you to minimise returns and incorrect purchases.


This will also outline in detail the results of the body shape analysis.  We can arrange to have a further consultation after a 4-6 week period to see how you are using and enjoying your new pieces.

When you purchase this service I will get in touch with you to confirm our session dates and times and your needs. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Personal Shopping - Online

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