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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Christmas approaches and I feel that after two pretty stark years of COVID and grey loungewear people are going to be literally dipping themselves in a vat of fake tan and rolling in glitter to go out. Myself included! I have things to go too and I am VERY EXCITED!

A few wardrobes I have worked on lately included the odd - "That's my sequin XYZ, you know for Christmas..."

Blazers, skirts and the occasional trouser - many of you might have the emergency festive sequin lying around already so here are some alternative ways to wear them without looking like a you've just escaped from a John Lewis bauble display.


A sequin top could not look more chic than with a pair of blue jeans and heels for a daytime Christmas lunch or even Christmas Day itself. Stops it looking try hard and keeps it pretty cool.


My friends husband has a friend who once came to a fancy dress party as his own super hero alter ego - Mr Grant Disco Pants. Great Outfit. The outfit below is not the same as Mr Grants but it is pretty much what I am hoping to achieve at some point over the festive season if I can find trousers that look as good on me as they do in my head.

  1. White Overzised Shirt - Stradivarius - £14.35 - Or steal your husbands like me!

  2. Monsoon Sequin Joggers - £45 (sale limited sizes)

  3. New Look Black Strappy Heel - £17.99 (public service announcement - New Look do excellent low cost basic courts and strappy sandals in classic shapes, usually in a good selection of colours if your looking for something for a wedding/work last minute)


While writing this blog I got a message from a lovely follower asking how to wear a sequin pencil skirt. In fairness I would wear it exactly as above with the crisp white shirt & strappy sandals, or maybe with a tonal jumper, not too oversized and with a loose tuck. However I really like denim and sequins - very unexpected and a little more interesting.


Nothing says I just threw this on for a Christmas party like a glittery blazer. Heres an alternative to the standard cami approach, go khaki! I know a few of you have sequin jackets & blazers already, heres an alternative way to wear them. The ones I have linked are typical of what I have seen in your wardrobes ladies, this one is for you.

  1. Blazer Zara - £59.99

  2. M&S - £69.99 (I think we all know what I think of ruched sleeves, enough said).

That is pretty much all I have time for as clearly my attention is devoted to my laptop and thus my house has descended into noise and mayhem!

Let me know what you think of the blog and of course, if there is anything else you want me to investigate get in touch!


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